An Experience That Soars Above Your Expectations

Enjoy an outing with family, friends, or colleagues, or even pop the question! The best time for a hot air balloon ride is now! Take to the skies yourself or give someone you love the perfect gift. Find the perfect package and buy online now.

Give yourself a Hot Air Balloon Ride in 3 Easy Steps

your package 
the date and time you want for your flight from the calendar
your online transaction

A member of our team will contact you shortly to complete your reservation.

On the day of your flight, our dedicated experts will put you right at ease and make you feel like a full-fledged member of the team.

Our experienced, Transport Canada–accredited pilots will answer any questions you have and can even capture the moment on camera for you if you wish. 

Regular Package
A hot air balloon ride in a basket that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Your group may be paired with other groups.
VIP Package
For a flight that keeps it in the family! This package ensures that your group is the only one on board for a private flight with the pilot.
Group Package
Booking for 6 or more people? Choose this package and enjoy a hot air balloon ride at a special price.
E-gift Cards

The perfect way to surprise a loved one while staying within your budget. You can opt for a set amount to be applied to one of our packages or purchase any package without booking a flight date. The giftee can complete the reservation at a later time.


Pricing and Refund Policy

Have a scheduling conflict? Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to cooperate? Reservations can be cancelled and refunded by contacting our team AT LEAST 48 hours BEFORE your scheduled departure time.

If you cancel less than 48 hours before your scheduled hot air balloon ride, a fee of 20% of the value of the ticket or e-gift card will be charged to keep the ticket valid. 

No cancellations may be made within 5 hours of your scheduled hot air balloon departure time. If you need to cancel or if a passenger fails to show up on the day of the flight, the ticket or e-gift card associated with the reservation will be considered used and will no longer have any value.

Are Hot Air Balloons Safe?

The answer is a resounding yes:

1. According to statistics provided by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB), balloons are the safest of all aircraft.

2. Our certified pilots are trained according to strict Transport Canada standards. 

3. Our gondolas are lined with padding, which not only increases the safety of passengers during landing, but makes the whole flight more comfortable, too.

You’ll receive a flight briefing before boarding detailing all the safety measures taken before, during, and after the flight. 

Have questions about safety? Our experts are happy to help.

How Do

Hot Air Balloons Fly?

Balloon flight is subject to its own rules and to a number of weather factors beyond our control. Learn more about the flight process and the conditions required to fly.